Family and Matrimonial Right

Family and Matrimonial Right

1. Execution of marriage contracts and alimony payment agreements

2. Execution of documents and representation by court order upon the claims for
determining the child's care, education and place of residence

3. Representation in court upon the claims for limiting, depriving, or restoring parental rights, recognizing paternity

4. Execution of documents for adoption of a child and implementation of the adoption
process, including representation in administrative bodies and in the court

5. Execution of documents of divorce and judicial representation, consultation on
extrajudicial process

6. Execution of documents to be submitted to the court with claims for confiscation of
alimony, change of the amount and representation

7. Legal protection with claims related to the recognition of ownership right to the property acquired during marriage, division of that property, and other family and matrimonial issues