Property and Non-Property Claims

Property and Non-Property Claims

1. Claims for confiscation of funds

2. Claims for compensation for damages caused and lost profits, criminal injury ans
damage caused by administration

3. Claims for compensation of unpaid wages, forced outage, or claims for confiscation of other payments

4. Actions related to Contracts: Enforcing signing a contract, claims, etc.

5. Claims for invalidity of transactions

6. Invalidity of Transactions

7. Disputes arising from the right to pledge

8. Claims to return the property from other person's unlawful possession

9. Protection of honour and dignity

10. Protection of business reputation

11. Claim for the establishment of a compulsory servitude

12. Claims for compensation for damage caused to life and health

13. Recognition of ownership right, including by virtue of acquisitive prescription

14. Division of common ownership, including separation of a share from common ownership

15. Division of common ownership of spouses, Representation upon the issues of
acquisition of construction design documents, architectural and layout task, construction permit and documentation of construction completion

16. Termination of the right to use, including termination of the right to use a residential
area with compensation or free of charge and eviction from the apartment

17. Assisting in participation in public procurements, its provision and/or appeal of auctions
and procurement process fulfilled with infringements